Virtual Races

by | Jun 22, 2020

What virtual race have you signed up for? Although many traditional races have been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still a way to “toe the line”! Your favorite annual event may have postponed your entry to next year, but many large races have changed their platform to go virtual for the year. We have signed up for several of these virtual challenges in order to stay as fit, healthy, and active as possible during these strange times. A virtual race can provide a sense of community to keep you active, even in a socially distanced format. These vary greatly in length and duration, but with the cancellation of major marathons and ultra-marathons, such as the Boston Marathon, the Leadville 100, and Western States, a virtual race may be a perfect alternative. 

Solo virtual runs like these can be used to muster up the motivation to get out there to log-in those miles. Some virtual races are held over multiple days to tackle many, many miles, like the Colorado Trail Challenge. In this event, no matter where you live, you have 95 days to run/hike/walk approximately 500 miles and can track your progress on an interactive map of the Colorado Trail. 

So, whether you signed up for a 5k or 500 miles, Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle is here to help keep you active. It’s important that you continue your training, as always, to prevent acute and chronic injuries. We often see overuse conditions in everyone from weekend warriors to the most trained athletes among us. Some injuries are preventable and some, unfortunately, are just attributable to bad luck. Whether we are treating acute injuries like foot and ankle fractures, ankle sprains, nail trauma, or working to prevent overuse syndromes such as plantar fasciitis,  tendinitis, or stress fractures, we at Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle want to help you achieve your running goals!