Tendinitis in Your Feet

by | Dec 21, 2018

Tendinitis of the foot and ankle is staggeringly common because of the amount of muscles and tendons acting on the foot and ankle. There are numerous bones and joints in the lower extremity, all of which act like ropes and pulleys by the tendons in the area. Because of how often they are used in our daily activities and sports, any variation in their effect can cause pain and inflammation.

Tendon inflammation is called tendinitis and is described by the affected tendon. Pain on the inside of the ankle is often tibial tendinitis, anteriorly or posteriorly. Pain on the outside of the ankle is usually peroneal tendinitis. The back of the ankle is prone to getting Achilles tendinitis. The inflammation itself is usually transient and affects the sheath around the tendon at the level of the joint, the exception being the Achilles tendon, which does not have its own sheath.

We at Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle often tell people tendinitis isn’t necessarily anybody’s fault, but it is a combination of genetics and bad luck. Thankfully, the treatment is usually very conservative.  Anti-inflammatories are the simplest treatment but often the foot needs supported with custom orthotics. Stretching exercises are also an important part of finding relief from tendinitis.  Finally, physical therapy can also help strengthen the muscle-tendon unit or address weaknesses higher up in the leg.   Because it isn’t structural in nature, surgery is usually avoided in cases of tendinitis.  Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle will address the faults that caused the tendons to work too hard and address the inflammation with a regular dosage of anti-inflammatory, with the potency based on how painful and limiting the symptoms are. Occasionally, rest and immobilization are also warranted.

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