Skin and Nail Conditions

Given how much time your feet and toes spend covered by socks and shoes, it can be difficult to catch nail and skin care issues. Make sure you take time every day to note that everything is as it should be. When you discover anything out of the ordinary, it can help to understand what you are experiencing, so be sure to take advantage of our library and learn more about any potential issues you are facing.

When it comes to nail and skin care issues, we see some conditions more often than others at Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle. These include:

Fungal Toenails

It can be rather unpleasant to think about a fungal infection, but hopefully you can find some comfort in the fact
that this is a fairly common condition. Given the fact that your feet often provide an ideal environment for fungus and bacterial growth (moist, dark, damp), it is easy to understand why the condition is so common. Many treatment options are available including topical and oral medications as well as use of laser nail therapy.

Athlete’s Foot

Contrary to the name, this is not a condition limited to those who participate in athletic activities. On the contrary, it is rather common, and the main criteria for contracting it is that you have feet. In a similar fashion to fungal nails, the right environment for fungal growth leads to this itchy, burning, and sometimes painful infection. When caught early, home treatment is quite effective, but stubborn cases will require professional care.

Ingrown Nails

When nails become ingrown, it is typically on account of either improper nail trimming or shoes that are too small or tight. If you round off your toenails when you clip them, you increase the risk of having them grow into the soft skin that surrounds them. Footwear that is too tight can apply pressure to the nails and force them into the skin as well. There are other causes (physical trauma, natural nail structure), but those two are most common and, fortunately, the most preventable.

Black Toenails

Black toenails are often experienced by athletes and typically happen as a result of the nail hitting against the front of the inside of running shoes, hiking boots, or ski boots. Some long-distance runners consider these to be badges of honor, but we usually consider this matter of blood pooled under the nail as a problem of poor shoe choice or running habits. When the pressure builds, it may result in the nail separating from the nail bed.

It is important to note that this explains most cases of discoloration, but in rare instances a black toenail is actually an indication of malignant melanoma. Thus, your best bet is always to come in and have us check it out for you.

Treatment and Prevention Measures

The best steps you can take to prevent most skin and nail issues are to wash your feet on a daily basis, keep them dry throughout the day, and wear shoes that fit comfortably. Wearing shower shoes or sandals in damp, warm places (pool decks, locker rooms) will also help prevent fungal infections.

All the best prevention methods can still leave a certain amount of risk. Accordingly, you may require treatment for any of these conditions at some point or another. In the event you do, explore our library to find out if there is home care that may be effective or if you should jump right to the professional treatment that we offer.

The Expert Care You Need

When you experience anything out of the ordinary in your toenails or the skin on your feet, Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle is here to help! No matter what issue you are facing, we will provide expert care to restore your feet and toes to their natural, healthy selves. Call our Frisco, CO office at (970) 668-4565 or our Avon office at (970) 949-0500, or use our online form to request your appointment today!

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