Safe Use of Anti-inflammatories for Foot Pain

by | Sep 6, 2019

With the recent opioid crisis striking all of America, many patients are weary of medications that physicians prescribe. For several years, physicians had overly prescribed narcotics because they are safe and effective at treating acute pain, but now we know that long term use can lead to increased pain levels as well as drug abuse. This is why, at Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle we very rarely prescribe narcotics. These medications are reserved for the most painful conditions we treat, such as fractures and post-surgical pain.

Short of those two conditions, we really do not treat “pain” as a condition. Instead, we seek to identify the cause, which is usually some form of inflammatory response to injury. So, we educate patients on the safe and correct dosage of ant-inflammatory medication to help alleviate the underlying cause, rather than just trying to cover up pain. If prescribed, anti-inflammatories, whether over the counter or prescription, should be used on a regular basis at regular intervals and generally should not just be taken just when something hurts. Even something as simple as ibuprofen should be taken, generally, every eight hours to decrease inflammation. If taken when only in pain, it is acting more as a pain reliever than anything.

We regularly see healthy patients who are concerned about taking medication around the clock. Rest assured, we would never prescribe something we wouldn’t prescribe our family. We stay on top of all current guidelines and modern research studies to keep up-to-date with new dosages or medications. We will also happily discuss why oral prescription anti-inflammatories are likely safer and much more effective than over-the-counter supplements or “alternative” medicines or modalities. If you are having pain in your feet and ankles, do not hesitate to stop in and see us in either our Avon or Frisco Offices.