Running FAQs

How can I prevent foot pain during running?

One of the biggest culprits we see at Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle is poor shoegear selection. Running shoes are not made for everyone all the time. Your specific foot type determines what type of shoe you should be in and by type of shoe, we do not mean brand. Most brands offer shoe selections to go along with just about any foot type. So, rather than select based off of color or fashion, talk to us or your shoe store employee to help decide. Buying shoes from a reputable source will help with that too, so that your salesperson may be more knowledgeable as well.

What can I do now that my feet already hurt from running?

Often orthotics and anti-inflammatories are the cornerstones of treatment for pain during activity. One or the other isn’t usually enough as they treat different aspects. Anti-inflammatories decrease the faulty inflammatory response and the subsequent pain while orthotics prevent the cause of the inflammation in the first place. Either will help, but both will be more effective.

Will I ever run again?

Of course! Almost without further clarification, we should be able to get your feet and ankles back into running shape. While there may be better exercise options for you, running is certainly enjoyable for many so if you were a runner before your foot and ankle condition, we will do our best to get you back at it.