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January 2022

Just want to say thank you for taking good care of me and my feet. The pain has gone away and I am doing quite well. Thank you so much.

– Dana D

December 2021

Thanks for giving me one of the best presents of 2021: my functioning right foot with new Cartiva and straightened toes! The surgery was in June and now all is working very well. I did the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and am now skiing…. With much appreciation to you. My husband and I send you our holiday greetings below.

– Karen N

September 2021

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Maurer’s office. Starting with my initial phone call, the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding the care I required. The actual visit was extremely professional. Excellent bedside manner with written instructions for follow up care. I would highly recommend this office!

– Catherine Moran

The whole ESFA staff is helpful, knowledgeable and forgiving (we were quite late). We found answers through Dr. Mauer who researched deeper for us. We traveled several hours to get to him…and appreciate him greatly!

– The Becks

July 2021

I came in as a new patient. I walked out as a new man.

– Greg Dobbs

May 2021

Excellent care and communication by Dr. Bernhard.

– M. Westermann

I wanted to let your office know that my experience with Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle, so far has been exemplary. Everyone I spoke with in the office was incredible. Dr. Maurer called after the appointment to discuss the problem which impressed me a lot. I will look forward to seeing the staff and doctors at ESFA again.


– J. Rumley

April 2021

Zero wait time. Issue diagnosed immediately. Medication arrived from MO in 2 days. Visible improvement within a week. 10 out of 10!!!!

– C. Bergh

Several years ago I was backcountry skiing on a flat road for several miles when I noticed increasing pain on the ball of my right foot. I had noticed this pain also when riding my bike with stiff shoes and clipless pedals. One of my friends suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Mauer and ask about neuromas. I did, in fact have the presence of neuromas on both my feet. Dr. Mauer and his staff made a cast of my foot (now they do it with a simple 3D scan), in order to create an orthotic with metatarsal arch support. I have since had orthotics made for my ski boots, hiking shoes and bike shoes which has saved my feet in the backcountry. it’s also worth mentioning that his staff suggested Altra shoes with zero drop heels and a wide toe box which, when worn with my orthotics, allow me to hike all day pain free. My feet have never felt so good!

A big thank you for Dr. Mauer and his professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

– K. Bugby

Just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Maurer and the entire team. It’s now been about a month since my surgery and I am totally pain free…for the first time in a very long time. I was even able to get some late season skiing in.

Dr Maurer was very patient with me and answered all my questions in a professional and yet friendly manner. Great doctor, fantastic staff.

– Curt

Best Podiatrist Ever! Dr. Maurer is terrific. My experience is no waiting, practical advice and terrific follow through. The only wrinkle was it took a long time to get my orthotics. It is my understanding they have since changed suppliers.
5 Star and a great Dr.


– Robert A.

These guys are awesome! Dr Maurer provided above and beyond treatment for me. I had several questions following my procedure and the receptionists relayed them right away to Dr Maurer. He got back to me that very same day on all three occasions! Highly recommend this practice for any foot, toe or ankle issues!

– Austin C. via Yelp!

After dealing with a left foot so very out of shape and for such a long time, so grateful to Dr. Mauer and his staff taking care of me before and after surgery. I am now dancing up a storm!

– Judy G.

Five stars for Dr. Kaitlyn Bernhard and her staff! Thank you for your excellent service and professional mannerisms in welcoming patients under these difficult circumstances. I highly recommend Dr. Bernhard.

– T.J.B

Jim and Liz send a heartfelt thank you for caring so well for our feet!
Thank you!

– Jim and Liz Krezowski

I wish I had visited Dr. Maurer sooner! My feet have a new lease on life!! As a 74 year old who hikes at least 5 miles a day I am now doing it without pain. Dr. Maurer performed his magic in the office and then prescribed cream to help keep the callouses from reforming. I am very grateful and will definitely make semi annual visits to your clinic. I’m truly amazed at how good my old, ugly feet feel!! Thank you so much!!

– K. Neal

The team of Dr. Brian Maurer, Dr. Kaitlyn Bernhard, and their professional staff offer exceptional foot and ankle treatment. Despite the additional responsibilities and stress on the staff during this difficult time, everyone has provided me with compassionate and comprehensive care. On-site X-ray and Ultrasound equipment allowed Dr. Maurer to provide relief for a cyst on my foot during my first visit. Further testing revealed a more complex problem, so we conferred with his colleague, Dr. Kaitlyn Bernhard, the group’s reconstructive surgical specialist. As she showed me the results of the MRI, patiently describing the surgical procedure, and lengthy recuperation, I was confident to proceed with surgery. Dr. Bernhard’s pre and post surgical availability and expertise confirm my decision. As I continue to progress, I look forward to an ongoing relationship with this skilled and caring team, and I highly recommend them to others.

– Sandy C.

Wholehearted endorsement for Dr. Maurer and his staff Well, I broke a bone in my foot training for one of the ultras in the Colorado Rockies. Pain, disrupted training routine, hundreds of hours of training and dreams put on hold. That was the bad. The good was that I found a fantastic doctor in Frisco, Dr. Maurer. Dr. Maurer really took the time to listen to my story, my background, my concerns and I got to ask all the questions. Dr. Maurer really empathized with my situation and we went through the options for treatment with pros and cons clearly explained. Addressing the challenges and adjustments to my daily life was not an afterthought, but an integral part of the treatment. Wow! Doctor Maurer has the nicest bedside manner, thoughtful disposition, he is very patient and really understands running and runners. I knew I was in the best of hands with Dr. Maurer and his staff. My sincerest and most grateful thanks for taking me on as a patient after my injury, and the wholehearted endorsement.

– The Summers Family, Google Review

I am so pleased to be able to be out and about in regard to keeping social distance, but enjoying the activities that Steamboat Springs has to offer – a simple hike with my dog and family.  And slowly was able to jog more than 2 miles without pain.  That was my limit prior to surgery.  And most recent was able to get into my AT set up, skin up Mt. Werner with my family and dog and ski down.  I tried three years ago to skin up Hahns Peak and some simple back country trials off of Rabbit Ears pass and was in tears each time and put the gear away and didn’t think I could ever enjoy it again.  

I can’t thank you enough for getting my life back (the way I want to enjoy it).  

Thanks to all of your staff.

– Kimberly B

My appointment was punctual, the staff is friendly and efficient, and Dr. Maurer did a wonderful job repairing my ingrown toenail. I will recommend your office at every opportunity.

– J. W.

I have had surgery on both feet by Dr. Maurer for bunions and hammer toes, I was always told how painful it was. My husband told me to expect the worst pain as he had his bunions done along time ago. I never had any pain at all, I did have tenderness which is to be expected after surgery. He has also treated me over the years for other foot issues. Dr. Maurer is kind and compassionate, I highly recommend him.

– Melody H, Google Review.

Dr. Kaitlyn Bernhard is a miracle worker. My dogs were barking before I went to see here. She literally solved all of my foot problems in one visit. I could not be happier. No up-selling, no repeated follow up visits, and she didn’t over-treat my feet! I highly recommend her.

– UF


– D.B

Dr. Maurer:  Thank you for the great appointment on Tuesday.  I am very happy to be pain free and am looking forward to putting my feet in my ski boots!

– Rick P.

I want to give you all a shout out that your office was amazingly clean. I was very impressed and think it’s probably the safest place to go in the valley at this time.  Thanks!

– AC

My husband and I are very pleased with our care from Dr. Bernhard.

– Karla and Allan Schapansky

I have seen Dr. Maurer for a variety of foot pain issues during the past 5 years and he has been consistently compassionate, professional, and thorough. It’s obvious he sincerely cares about his patients, and he takes time to diagnose, explain, treat, and follow up.

– A.C.

I had OA in my lower left spine, and after the prosthetic fitting, I used them in ski boots and others. The pain in my back disappeared after 10 or so days…I’m thrilled and pleased with myself that I was so proactive about it, but had no idea it would be so productive.

– PM

A nagging injury was about to ruin a ski vacation. I’m so thankful that Mel made me an appointment at Eagle Summit Foot & Ankle. I was skeptical about how much could be done, but Dr. Maurer and his staff were so understanding of my situation and made care recommendations that have totally rescued my trip. I couldn’t have asked for more.

– DC Via Facebook

Wish I had gone to see the doctor sooner! I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis for months and Dr Bernhard helped me with the correct treatment and plenty of information to help me move forward. No wait time in the office and the Dr took the time to answer all my questions.

– ML

Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle is a true “gift” to Eagle & Summit Co. We are an active, feet necessary crowd! Dr Brian Maurer is knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. I typically hate Dr.’s visit but this was a wonderful experience for me & my feet! Jennifer (office manager) was kind, easy to work with and genuinely concerned. I highly recommend bringing your feet/ankle troubles to them!

– JO via facebook

Super service, saw the doctor quickly, in-house X-ray…everyone was super nice. I highly recommend!

– L.S.

Dr. Mauer is amazing. He takes time to know his patients and is there for them through thick and thin. The staff is amazing and supportive and friendly.

R.T. on Facebook

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