Off-Season Injuries

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Sports Injuries

Although we aren’t in prime running season right now, staying in good physical condition is key to preventing foot and ankle off-season injuries once the snow does finally leave us!

At Summit-Eagle Foot & Ankle, we routinely treat patients over the winter months who may not be into seasonal sports and, instead, opt to use the time preparing for upcoming races in the spring and summer. While most of the physical trauma this time of year tends to come from icy roads, slips and falls, and injuries on the mountains, we do see running injuries from treadmill use and biking injuries from stationary bikes.

Many people often assume that these devices are safer than being out on the trails or roads during the shoulder season, but the same injuries can occur. Stress fractures from overuse and increased impact can keep you off your feet for weeks. The weighted wheel of a spin bike can also cause acute fractures through the ankle if the momentum of the wheel is aggressively slowed. The constant speed settings of a treadmill can often put patients at risk for shin splints and exhaustion; falling off of a treadmill could quickly land you in our office.

So, whether you love snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or getting out to the mountains for downhill winter sports, or if you merely tolerate the winters to get to the spring, we will be here at Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle to take care of your injuries.

If you have any questions, our staff is happy to answer them for you. For more information either about our practice or off-season injuries, simply give our Avon office a call at (970) 949-0500, our Frisco office a call at (970) 668-4565, or take advantage of our convenient online form right now!