MLS Laser Treatment at Eagle-Summit

by | Nov 21, 2016 | General Foot Care, Sports Injuries

At Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the newest in technology and innovation, including MLS laser treatment. Medicine and surgery are always evolving, with better treatments and new research replacing old paradigms.

Recently, our clinic decided to offer a new weapon in our treatment arsenal for musculoskeletal pains. The Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser allows us to treat sprains, strains, and general inflammation from a noninvasive approach. We have a top-of-the-line M6 robotic laser to help improve efficiency; the average treatment takes only around 10 minutes. Because of the robotic head, which we affectionately call “Charlie,” we are able to use a hand piece to treat up to two different foot and ankle ailments in the same treatment time.

This specific laser is able to synchronize two wavelengths, which both block pain receptors and improve blood flow while decreasing inflammation. Continuous or pulsed laser light emissions allow us to provide a treatment program for each pathology, resulting in optimum clinical effectiveness. This laser combination has been studied in Europe for years with great results for common foot and ankle ailments. Dr. Macias and colleagues, just last year, performed a random-controlled study, the peak of medical research, for plantar fasciitis.

This common cause of foot and heel pain can be significantly debilitating. Often self-limited, the pain can continue for up to nine months on its own. We first try injections, stretching, icing, and supportive shoes, but in a small percentage of the population, these treatments do not get the job done. Definitive treatment can be surgical, but this is a step many are unwilling to take.

Dr. Macias and company used either a placebo laser or a functional laser on participants and found that those who received “real” laser therapy had their pain improved significantly over the duration of the study. This was not only in pain level but also in thickness of the plantar fascia itself and the patients’ overall functional status. All of this points to the laser being a great addition to our treatment protocols.

Personally, Dr. Bernhard has long suffered from Raynaud’s phenomenon, a painful vasculitis when his hands get cold, which happens often in this Colorado climate. Because of his scientific nature, he only used the laser on his right hand, so his left hand could act as a control group. So far, the results are promising. His right-hand feels warmer and is less painful when out in nature. Time will tell how the results turn out, but for now, he is noticing continued improvement.

More often, we recommend MLS laser treatment for our patients who have failed other treatment options for musculoskeletal problems. Tendinitis, ankle sprains, and fasciitis are conditions we often treat well, but in some patients, the laser may get them over the remainder of their pain.

If you have had pain in your foot and ankle for years, without any help from conservative therapy, the MLS laser may be a great addition to help improve your situation. Call us at (970) 668-4565 or (970) 949-0500, or check our website, for more information and to get started at any time.