Midfoot Arthritis 

by | May 19, 2017 | General Foot Care

Similar to what we saw with skateboarding injuries a few months ago, there has been a recent uptick in patients coming to see us with mid-foot arthritis complaints. This common problem is not too terrible while wearing ski boots, but now everyone’s feet are spending more time being mobile in less-supportive shoes and we are seeing increased numbers of painful deformities.

The foot—which has several small bones connected through numerous joints—is prone to arthritis at any of these articulations. In the mid-foot, we most commonly see it across the top of the foot – the tarsometatarsal joint. This articulation spans across five to fifteen joints, depending on how you count, and can wear down like the treads on our tires. Unfortunately, we still do not have a good way of putting that tread back on.

As the cartilage between the metatarsals, cuneiforms, and cuboid bones wears down, the ends of the bones rub together. These joints grow new bone tissue to try and stabilize themselves, which often causes additional pain in shoes. At Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle, we see this all the time and have several treatment options to address it.

Treatment options range from very conservative to surgical. We use the newest techniques at each step along the way, offering prescription anti-inflammatories that can decrease the pain, our new laser therapy to help stimulate healing, and the newest hardware should surgical intervention end up being necessary.

Still, sometimes older techniques can still be quite effective today. Our custom orthotics can help support your feet, minimize range of motion through the painful joints, and prevent worsening deformities. We cast your foot with plaster, like we have done for several years, because it offers the best technique to capture your unique footprint, especially when compared to newer, cheaper modalities like iPad apps and foam boxes other providers are switching to.

If you are suffering from mid-foot pain—no matter how long it has been there—we have treatment options to get you back on your feet. Call Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle anytime to schedule a visit.