Get your Feet Ready for Ski Boot Season

by | Oct 20, 2017

With Arapahoe Basin open for the year, it’s time for people to start coming in with ski boot complaints. Many people are lucky enough to be able to buy off the shelf boots and ski throughout the year without pain. Others, however, have foot deformities which may predispose them to significant pain after a short time in them. When that happens, I tell everyone it is often easier to fix the boot than to fix the foot, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t relieve symptoms in a more conservative manner.

Often bumps on the foot, whether a bunion, hammertoe, cyst, or tailor’s bunion, can grow or shrink in size based on ski boot trauma. What happens is, the boot caused irritation, which causes a bursa to form and become painful. Anti-inflammatories and icing can often make these bursa smaller again, which will decrease the pain. The underlying problem will still be there, but often reducing the symptoms is all we need to get back on the mountain.

Snowboarders are not off the hook entirely, either. While their boots are inherently more comfortable, snowboard boots are often worn too tight which can cause similar problems to ski boots. Bulky socks inside of boots that are too small is also a recipe for blister formation. Superficial blisters are not a problem, but they can get worse real quick if untreated. For any foot and ankle aches and pains related to ski or snowboard boots, or other winter activities, please don’t hesitate to come talk to us at Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle.