General Foot Care FAQs

Why is senior foot care important?

Senior foot care is essential for maintaining your mobility and independence in later years. Foot care plays a key role in preventing injuries like plantar fasciitis and managing painful conditions like arthritis.

One major change in your feet as they age is the fact they become wider and larger over time. This affects how your footwear fits, so always measure your feet when buying shoes to reduce your risk of many common foot problems. In addition to the widening, another change is the decreased turnover of skin cells. This means your skin becomes drier more easily, and dry skin can lead to cracks and fissures.

As you become older, the body’s immune system isn’t as strong as it had been, so fighting against infection is more difficult. Contributing to this is slower circulation, which is why physical activity is important during the senior years.

This may all sound overwhelming, but we are here to help with your foot care as you age. Contact Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle by calling (970) 949-0500 for our Avon, CO office, (970) 668-4565 for our Frisco Station office, or use our online form to connect with us now.


What is arthritis?

In general, arthritis is a condition wherein the cartilage protecting the ends of a bone in a joint are gradually worn down. This can be caused by a few different reasons, including wear and tear, malalignment, inflammatory disease processes, and genetic predisposition. Treatment can range from conservative care to surgical reconstruction.


Why did I develop this bunion?

Bunions are a multifactorial problem. In general, they are not caused by bad shoe gear or a certain running style. They most definitely were not caused by that one summer in high school when you were in door-to-door sales! Most often, bunions occur because of a genetic predisposition to the condition and a generalized increase in available motion of the foot joints, called hypermobility. So, having a bunion develop usually boils down to genetics and bad luck.


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