Custom Orthotics FAQs

Can orthotics help with my foot pain while running?

To answer whether or not orthotics can help with foot pain while running, we first need to diagnose the condition that is causing a problem. If the pain stems from a biomechanical abnormality, such as high or low foot arches, they could very well be part of the treatment process.

These medical devices are inserts that we custom-prepare for you in our podiatric practice. They are designed to work specifically with your unique foot structure and can help with an assortment of potential problems. These include correcting excessive pronation patterns due to foot arch abnormalities, which are often exacerbated when running.

Additionally, custom orthotics can provide help in cases of bunions. In these instances, the inserts can be used to redistribute forces so that the misaligned joint does not receive as much pressure.

For additional information on the potential benefits of orthotic devices for running, or how they might be used as part of a treatment plan, contact our Avon, CO office at (970) 949-0500 or our Frisco office at (970) 668-4565. You can also schedule an appointment with Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle online today.