Choosing an Athletic Shoe

by | May 24, 2016 | Sports Injuries

PF Flyers… Chuck Taylors… Air Jordan’s… Athletic shoes certainly have had their place on the fashion scene for quite some time now. People choose various brands and styles as a way to make a statement or even display social status. Of course, we bet some of you even wear athletic footwear to actually play sports!

Too often, foot health is not given enough consideration when choosing the right athletic shoe. This is concerning because footwear does so much more than make a fashion statement. Shoes protect, support, and cushion your lower limbs, all of which are essential functions for reducing the risk of common foot issues like bunions, arch pain, and plantar fasciitis.

When you begin a workout program, sign up for a sport league, or just decide to play basketball or tennis with friends or family, it is important that you start with activity-appropriate footwear. Don’t hit the basketball court in a pair of low-cut running shoes. In the same spirit, you should not log miles running in a pair of basketball shoes.

Speaking of running, this exercise is a great way to stay in shape, but be sure to pick running shoes that work best with your natural pronation style. Feet rely on an inward rolling motion as a way to help distribute forces evenly on them. Foot arches that are excessively low or high play a role in causing too much roll or not enough. You will benefit from shoes that accommodate your specific pronation pattern. If you would like assistance with this, our office will be glad to help.

Depending on your foot structure and existing or potential issues, we may prescribe a custom orthotic device as part of our treatment plan. If we do, it is important to bring your orthotics with you when you are purchasing new athletic shoes. Make sure your feet still fit comfortably within the shoes with the orthotic devices inside. There should still be plenty of room in the toe box and the heel should be secure and firmly cradled in the back.

Choosing the right athletic shoe is an important step in foot and ankle health care, but so is visiting the right podiatrist office when injury strikes. If you live in the Frisco or Avon, CO communities, Eagle-Summit Foot & Ankle has the expert staff, state-of-art technologies, and convenient locations to provide the treatment you need to overcome pain and improve your mobility. Contact us for more information by calling (970) 668-4565 to reach our Frisco Station office or (970) 949-0500 to reach our Avon office. You can also schedule your appointment at either location online today.