Children's Foot Health FAQs

What’s the best shoe for returning to school?

In general, supportive athletic shoes are best for school. A good shoe will provide rotational or torsional support, a rigid heel counter, and flexion through the toe box (but not through the midfoot). Good brands include Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Merrell, and Keens, though this is far from a comprehensive list (and even these brands can make a bad shoe).

How long should I keep my kid’s shoes?

We recommend length of shoe wear based on a couple different guidelines. Athletic shoes should be worn for 300-500 miles before being retired. So, depending on how active your child is, this could be a few months to a year. In growing children, shoes often need to be replaced—not based on wear—but based on sizing. Through adolescence, children can grow several sizes. Wearing tight shoes can lead to painful toes and thickened toenails.

How should we prepare for the upcoming sports seasons?

Being in good physical shape is essential. Generally, children stay in shape over the summer by just being active. Sometimes, with organized practices multiple times per day, conditioning can be a problem. Do not think that just because you played football last year, you’ll be in the same shape as last year. Ease into sporting activities at your own pace.

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