3 Hints to Find the Best Shoes for Bunions

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Foot Deformities, Footwear Recommendations

A clown’s shoes are meant to be too big, just as ballerina shoes are meant to be snug, but career paths aside, your normal everyday shoes should fit properly to avoid problems with your feet. What if you happen to already have a problem you ask—like maybe a bunion? Well, you still need to find shoes to fit, but they must be able to accommodate a bunion so as not to worsen the problem. Sounds tricky, we know, but here are some helpful hints to find the best shoes for bunions so that your feet stay comfy and pain-free:

  • Hint #1: Go low! High heels often squeeze toes, putting pressure on bunions which can lead to irritation, inflammation and pain.
  • Hint #2: Go wide (and deep)! Having plenty of room for toes to wiggle is a must. You should have a thumb’s width of space between the front of the shoe and your longest toe, and choose shoes that have a wide enough toe box so the sides of shoes aren’t pressed too snugly against your feet.
  • Hint #3: Choose materials that move with you. Footwear made of leather, canvas, and mesh have some give to them, so they can stretch enough to take pressure off of the bunion. BONUS: these are breathable materials, too, which is good for avoiding fungal infections!

Of course, you can also take extra measures to ensure your bunion doesn’t bother you in your shoes. You can try putting bunion pads over the bump, or ask us about orthotics and how they can provide extra cushion and support as well as redistribute weight to take pressure away from that bothersome bump.

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